Graduate Diploma in Business

with endorsements in Accounting, Business Information Systems, Management or Unendorsed

Auckland International, Whangarei
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About this programme

This programme provides advanced business skills and knowledge at graduate level, with specialisations including management, accounting and information systems.

What you will learn

A graduate of this programme will be able to: 

  • Plan and manage projects 

  • Work independently and manage teams of diverse people

  • Transform business processes and procedures within an organisation and 

  • Display independent problem-solving skills

Courses in this programme

Students are required to gain 120 credits from the courses listed, with a minimum of 45 credits at Level 5 or 6 and a minimum of 75 credits at Level 7. If the Diploma is taken as a specialism (with an endorsement), the Diploma must contain at least 45 credits (of the required 75 credits) at Level 7 from the chosen specialist discipline.

Note: A range of courses and specialisms offered in this programme may vary in each academic year. A complete list of all courses and specialisms offered in this programme of study will be provided prior to the start of the programme.

Level 5 Courses Level Credits
AMBD500 - Business Data Analysis 5 15
AMCL510 - Commercial Law 5 15
AMEC520 - Economics 5 15
7725.509 - Introduction to Accounting and Taxation 5 15
AMIM541 - Introduction to Marketing 5 15
Level 6 Courses Level Credits
AMIS600 - Accounting Information Systems 6 15
AMAM636 - Applied Management 6 15
AMAA600 - Auditing and Assurance 6 15
AMCB644 - Consumer Behaviour 6 15
AMHR633 - Human Resources 6 15
AMFA601 - Intermediate Financial Accounting 6 15
AMMA602 - Intermediate Management Accounting 6 15
AMBA600 - Introduction to Business Analysis 6 15
AMIF603 - Introduction to Finance 6 15
AMLO609 - Leadership in Organisations 6 15
AMOM632 - Operations Management 6 15
AMPM601 - Project Management Theory 6 15
AMRM600 - Research Methodology 6 15
AMST600 - Special Topic 6 15
AMTX606 - Taxation in New Zealand 6 15
AMLB610 - The Law of Business Entities 6 15
Level 7 Courses Level Credits
AMFA700 - Advanced Financial Accounting 7 15
AMMA700 - Advanced Management Accounting 7 15
AMPM700 - Advanced Project Management 7 15
AMTC700 - Business Transformation and Change 7 15
AMIP700 - Industry Project 7 45
AMSM701 - Services Management 7 15
AMST700 - Special Topic 7 15
AMSM700 - Strategic Management 7 15

Entry Requirements 

  • 3 year degree or equivalent qualification

  • Applications from industry who can demonstrate significant work and professional experience to enter advanced courses for the Graduate Diploma in Business will be considered on a case-by-case basis

  • Applicants for whom English is not their first language require a minimum IELTS score of 6 with no band lower than 5.5, or NZCEL Level 4 (Academic).

Qualification gained

Northland Polytechnic Graduate Diploma in Business with an endorsement in accounting, or unendorsed.

Can be used to study the academic requirements for NZICA (Whangarei) and CPA Australia programmes (Whangarei and Auckland)

Courses and programmes may be cancelled, postponed or have their content or configuration changed from time to time (including during the academic year) at the discretion of NorthTec. Fees are an indication, include GST and apply to domestic students only. View terms and conditions

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Full time/Part time


1 academic year

Start Dates

Whangarei: February

Auckland (International Students Only): 2020 Dates:
6 January
2 March
4 May
29 June
24 August
19 October

Cost Incl. GST (Approx):

Domestic: $5,960.63

Student levy may apply

International: Whangarei:


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Phone 0800 162 100
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