Disability Support

Good heath and wellbeing to you

Our Whai Kaha- Disability Support Team are here to discuss how we can support you to meet your needs and aspirations. We also work with tutors and internal support services, to ensure that your experience is welcoming, respectful, accessible and inclusive. 

Support we offer.

  • One on one academic support.

  • Meetings with Disability Coordinators, before you start and when you are enrolled.

  • Reader-Writers for exams and assessments.

  • Exam and assessment adjustments.

  • Screening for Dyslexia. 

  • Discussions with internal services to find solutions to issues and

  • Referral to internal and external agencies for support with funding and accessing resources.  

Please be aware that we do not provide in class or workshop teacher aide support and the above services are an indication only. Specific supports will be discussed at initial meeting with an Academic Learning Advisor or Disability Coordinator. 

All learners with disabilities/impairments are encouraged to contact Disability Support for further information before commencing study. This is to ensure a wraparound of your support needs are in place as required. Bring with you supporting documentation about your impairment and any information you have about your course including your timetable (if you already have this).

Make an appointment

Logging in with your NorthTec-Microsoft Account.

Many NorthTec services use the same Microsoft authenticated log-in:

  • Username - Your username will be your student ID number e.g. 2006000009
  • Password - If you have not changed your password before, your default NorthTec password will be your birthdate in such format: dMmmyyyy e.g 1Jan1970.

Your password lasts for an entire year unless you chose to change it. If you enter your password incorrectly three times, your account will be temporarily locked for 30 minutes. We encourage you to sign up for our self-service password reset tool. This will allow you to reset your password or unlock your account at any time from your own device.


NorthTec works in partnership with agencies such as Workbridge and CCS Disability Action to remove barriers to learning for students with impairments.


Workbridge is a specialist employment service that works with people with all types of disability, injury or illness and administers three support funds that may apply to students at NorthTec:

  • Job Support
  • Training Support
  • Self-Start

The funds are available to all disabled people, not just those registered as jobseekers with Workbridge and the agency works with the applicant and any other support service to achieve the best results for the applicant.

Click here for more information on the above and the criteria for the funds.

CCS Disability Action

Provides support and strengthens communities so people with disabilities are included in the life of their family/whānau and community.  Services include:

  • Family support
  • Transition support for school leavers
  • Supported employment
  • Supported living
  • Mobility parking
  • Total mobility (taxi vouchers)

Website: www.ccsdisabilityaction.org.nz

Tiaho Trust

A disabled-led organisation that provides information and empowerment services to the disabled community of Northland, New Zealand.
Phone: 0800 430 3406
Email: info@tiaho.org.nz
Website: http://tiaho.org.nz/


NorthAble provides disability support and information in the Whangarei, Mid-Far North and Kaipara Districts.

Phone: 0508 637-200
Email: drc@northable.org.nz
Website: http://www.northable.org.nz/


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