Ko Te Ha o Te Reo (Introductory Māori)

Dargaville, Kaitaia, Kerikeri, Whangarei, Off-Campus

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Part time


6 months


2019 dates TBC

Dargaville: Step 1:
Tue & Wed 4-7pm
21 Aug - 21 Nov

Kaitaia: Step 2:
Friday's 9am-12pm
23 Jul - 30 Nov

Step 3:
Monday's 5.30-8.30pm
23 Jul - 30 Nov

KeriKeri: TBC

Whangarei: Step 1:
Tuesday's 5-8pm
24 Jul – 27 Nov

Step 2:
Wednesday's 5-8pm
25 Jul – 28 Nov

Step 3:
Friday's 9.30am-12.30pm
27 Jul – 30 Nov

Off-Campus: Ngunguru:
Step 3
Monday's 5.30-8.30pm
23 July - 3 Dec

Cost Incl. GST (Approx):

Domestic: Fees Free

International: $762.00

Phone 0800 162 100
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This course is a great for absolute beginners wishing to develop an introductory understanding of Te Reo Māori by introducing basic phrases, correct Te Reo pronunciation and an introduction to the Māori culture.

Marae Noho for all ACE classes to be held on weekend 23 - 25th Nov 2018

Term Breaks - There will be no classes:

  • 29 September - 14 October

  • Monday 22 October (Labour Day)

What your will learn

Step 1 – Take the first step into speaking Te Reo Māori.  All students are welcomed into a fun, safe and comfortable environment where their confidence and love for Te Reo Māori can blossom.  This first step teaches the students how to introduce themselves so they can confidently meet and greet others in Te Reo Maori, a basic knowledge of Tikanga Māori (Māori practices and protocols) and students will gain knowledge of vowels and correct pronunciation of Te Reo Māori through games and songs.  This course is bi-lingual with a lot more English spoken.

Step 2 – Is an extension of Step 1.  All students are welcomed into a fun, safe and comfortable environment where their confidence in speaking Te Reo more can be strengthened.  This Step focuses on strengthening the student’s reading and writing of Te Reo Māori.  This class is bilingual with 50% Māori spoken and 50% English spoken.  To further extend the students they will extend on their participation in leading Tikanga practices they learnt in Step 1 eg: Karakia, Waiata, Mihimihi.

Step 3 – Is an extension of Step 1 and 2.  All students are welcomed into a fun, safe and comfortable environment where Te Reo Māori is the primary language used 80% of the class.  This Step focuses on preparing students for a Level 3 Certificate program.  The class will be taught in themes covering tense markers, sentence structure, pronunciation and grammar, extension and use of tikanga practices, reading and writing Te Reo Māori and most importantly speaking and hearing Te Reo Māori spoken only.

For more details please contact:
Kelly Heke on 09 470 3801 or Freephone: 0800 162 100

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