Baking Master Class a Success

December 15, 2022
December 15, 2022

Baking enthusiasts were given the chance to score a baking master class with NorthTec | Te Pūkenga’s very own Tracy Telfer, our lecturer for baking. Four winning pairs were able to spend five hours learning advanced baking techniques whilst creating a Mojito Petit Gateaux.

On Saturday, the four groups put their baking skills to the test by creating a Mojito Petit Gateaux which is made up of a mint sponge base, mojito cremeux dome insert, lime mousse, and then covered with a lime mirror glaze and topped with a Bacardi jelly.

Now that all sounds very yummy to me, but it also sounds pretty complicated.

“I didn’t expect to be making something so complicated,” admitted one participant. “But I’m really happy with the result.”

There was a variety of unique baking skills learnt on the day. From making a simple sponge cake through to creating a lime mousse where they had to make a Swiss meringue, a lime syrup, whip cream, and combine it all together without the parts separating (not an easy task if you’re wondering).

Thankfully Tracy, along with the help of NorthTec | Te Pūkenga baking student Lydia Pyle, demonstrated each step first and were there to help each group master the new skills.

“Reading the recipe and following instructions are important,” Tracy advises. “That’s where everything goes right or starts to go wrong. Some mistakes were made, but they all went home with something they can be proud of, and everyone learnt some new skills.”

The baking master class was run as a competition with The Edge and More FM who took entrants of pairs into the competition before selecting 4 pairs at random to attend the class.

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