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October 6, 2022
October 5, 2022

Karla is in her second year of study with NorthTec | Te Pūkenga and is close to completing her Diploma in Creative Writing (Level 6).

“I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember,” says Karla. “I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in English. However, I’ve enjoyed starting from the beginning. I really benefited from level 5 as it covered a lot of things I didn’t learn in my degree.

“It gives you a solid understanding of the foundations of writing. Without the foundations, nothing is stable and can collapse, just like a house. You have to build your writing up from the ground.”

Karla recently had an article published in the Society of Authors’ quarterly magazine which was a great beginning for the aspiring author.

“Lesley Marshall, one of my tutors, contacted me saying she had an idea for me. She wanted me to write an article for a publication, and I jumped at the chance. It went through about 8 drafts. To go through it and edit again and again, with feedback, was such a great experience. The process of editing showed me that I had the skills and ability to do this. It really boosted my confidence.”

The article was originally part of an exercise Karla completed for one of Lesley’s courses. Head Tutor for Applied Writing at NorthTec | Te Pūkenga, Zana Bell, recognised its worth and suggested Lesley look to getting it published in the NZSA’s quarterly magazine The Author.

“When we see potential in a student’s work, we do try to help them place it,” says Zana.

Karla was excited for the chance to publish and has since been delighted with the result.

“To see it in the magazine, and see the extracted quotes, it’s amazing. That’s me, that’s my writing.”

Karla’s plan is to continue next year, completing the Diploma in Advanced Applied Writing and the major piece or original work that is part of the course. Long term, she’s got many plans on the horizon.

“I’d like to be a published author. That’s my ultimate dream. I’d also like to work as an editor, using my new editing skills and keeping them fresh, rather than just using them as a writer. Long term, I would like to become a tutor, to give back in the same way my tutors have.”

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