5 Compelling Reasons to Study for a Career in the Hospitality Industry

April 28, 2023
April 27, 2023

Are you thinking about your career options and want a job that offers flexibility, diverse career options, and personal growth?

The hospitality industry may be perfect for you. New Zealand’s hospitality sector offers many advantages that make it an attractive field to explore. Here’s five compelling reasons why studying hospitality could be a great choice for you.

1. Job Opportunities: The hospitality industry in New Zealand is booming and there is a high demand for skilled and experienced professionals. By graduating with a hospitality qualification, you open yourself up to a world of job opportunities, both locally and internationally. Whether you want a career in hotels, restaurants, resorts, event planning, or cruise ships, the industry offers a wide range of roles to suit your interests and goals.

2. Practical Experience: One of the biggest advantages of studying hospitality is the practical training and hands-on experience it provides. Hospitality courses focus on real-world settings where you can refine your skills and gain invaluable experience. NorthTec | Te Pūkenga has industry specific facilities, including industrial kitchens, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in cooking, baking, and serving, preparing you for the challenges and demands of the industry.

3. Career Advancement: The hospitality industry is renowned for its diversity, providing a wide range of career options and pathways for professional growth. Whether your passion lies in hotel management, event planning, catering, or bartending, the possibilities are virtually limitless. By acquiring the right skills and qualifications, you position yourself for endless opportunities to advance your career, explore new avenues, and shape your professional trajectory.

4. Growing Industry: The hospitality industry is in a state of growth, constantly evolving with new hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions. This growth guarantees a constant demand for skilled professionals in the field. By starting a career in hospitality, you enter an ever-changing industry that offers stability and potential for long-term growth.

5. Personal Development: Studying hospitality not only prepares you with industry-specific skills but also allows for personal growth and development. You will also learn skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving abilities. These transferable skills extend beyond the boundaries of the hospitality industry, inspiring you to succeed in any goal you pursue.

So, why not consider a career in this thriving industry?

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