Student Voice

The role of Student Voice is to build and support the student voice and enhance learning quality and experience for all our students.

We look to promote student representation and the role of the Student Council, to enhance student representation at all levels across the organisation.

If you are keen to be involved in Student Representation or Student Council, email the student voice office at or contact one of your Class Representatives, your tutor or Pathway Manager. Class Representatives are elected by each class at the beginning of the academic year, or mid-semester depending on the programme and are encouraged to participate in some of the initiatives and attend programme monthly meetings. Key roles of a student representative are to attend regular monthly meetings, share collaborative class or programme feedback, contribute to discussion and ideas where we can improve, and promote and implement student-focused events.

We encourage students to be active participants in shaping campus life and culture. You can do this simply by sharing your suggestions, issues and concerns with your Class Representative, or become more involved by becoming a Class Representative and possibly on the Student Council.

Students who take on these roles represent their peers in meetings and discussion forums to help improve the quality of education and campus life for all students. Being a Class Representative or on the Student Council is a great opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills, increase social circles and make a positive difference for others.

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