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State of the art High Performance Laboratory Services

NorthTec's High Performance Lab provides High Performance Sports Science and match analysis services to teams, individual athletes and the community.

We have a range of services on offer including lab based assessments, field tests and match analysis.

These services are enabled by our Sport and Recreation programmes, where our students gain real-world experience providing high performance services to meet the needs of athletes in Northland.

Together we can enhance the performance of athletes throughout Northland.


We have a range of services on offer including lab based assessments, field tests and match analysis.

Educational discounts apply for testing and packages

Body Composition Monitoring

Skinfolds can estimate your body fat percentage.

  • Your results are used to estimate your body fat percentage based on population-specific equations. Thus, your results are compared to a population close to yours in age, gender and training status.
  • All anthropometric tests are non-invasive and require no cardiovascular fitness or hard effort.

Allow 45 mins for your Skinfold testing and results discussion.

Cost: $50 per hour on site/$100 per hour off site

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (Latest InBody Machine).

  • This data then provides a clinical assessment of body composition which includes fat mass, lean body mass, body cell mass, extracellular mass, total body water, intracellular water, extracellular water, basal metabolic rate, and phase angle.
  • The impedance index is obtained by applying a small alternating current on the body, based on the principle that the body contains water and that the level of electric resistivity (i.e. Resistance and changes according to body water).

Package A (Basic): $20 pp for individual testing followed by a group lecture (45mins explanation of results).

Package B (Advanced): $50 pp all the above PLUS Nutrition workshop (1 hour) follow up final test and final group lecture with interpretation of results (45 minutes).

Lactate (Anaerobic) Threshold Tests

These tests can identify your optimal training zones and optimise precious training time.

  • The lactate threshold test is an incremental test to voluntary exhaustion. We can test you on cycling, running, rowing ergometers. Results from a Lactate test are used for determining individualised training thresholds.
  • The blood lactate and heart rate information obtained are used to work out your individualised training thresholds. These can be used immediately to target specific heart rate zones in your training. You can then optimise your individual training sessions and manage your weekly and monthly training loads.

Allow 1-1.5 hours for your Lactate test procedure and results discussion

Cost: $50 per test

Maximal Oxygen Consumption Tests (VO2 Max)

These tests can accurately assess your current aerobic fitness.

  • The VO2 Max test is an incremental test to voluntary exhaustion. We can test you on cycling, running, and rowing ergometers.
  • Results from a VO2 Max Test are used to determine your aerobic fitness level.
  • The amount of oxygen you breathe in and out is measured and gives us an indication of your aerobic fitness. We can then give you a comparison to general and athletic populations, and to the requirements of different sports.
  • VO2 Max Tests are good to monitor changes in your aerobic fitness over time.
  • We recommend re-testing 1-2 times per year so you can monitor changes in your aerobic fitness and therefore the effectiveness of your training.

Allow 1 hour for your VO2 test procedure and results discussion

Cost: $50 per test

Field Fitness Testing

Package A (Basic)

A number of basic field based aerobic tests are available on request, including: yo-yo intermittent recovery test, Beep test, and repeated sprint test. No data analysis is included.

Cost: $2/athlete ($50 minimum)

Package B (Electronic)

A number of field tests utilising state of the art timing light technology we can accurately measure speed and agility. Measurement of body composition using bioimpedence. No data analysis is included.

Cost: $5/athlete ($100 minimum)

Package C (Advanced)

Package B + interpretation and analysis feedback.

Cost: $10/athlete ($100 minimum)

Performance Analysis

Match Analysis and performance statistics can be the difference between a winning or losing season. With Sports Code Gamebreaker Plus Match/Athlete Analysis coaches and athletes can have a detailed knowledge of performance, providing insight into who is performing at their peak and who is fatigued. This allows coaches to make informed and accurate decisions when coordinating substitutions and team selection as well as in depth knowledge of team strengths and weaknesses. Packages include full reports and statistical breakdown.

Cost: $200 per Analysis Package


For all enquiries and bookings, please email hpl@northtec.ac.nz, or phone (09) 470 4680.

Booking Terms and Conditions

  1. A summary of medical information of all persons attending (including adults) must be provided to the High Performance Lab Staff first thing on the day. Please advise participants to bring essential personal medication with them (eg. asthma inhalers).
  2. A completed Informed Consent For Individual Fitness Testing form should be completed and emailed to hpl@northtec.ac.nz as early as possible, and at least 48 hours before the scheduled booking.
  3. Instructor has final decision on participant preparation. NorthTec reserves the right to halt the activity at any time if safety is compromised.
  4. Cancellation policy ‐ 50% of the total program cost will be paid if a confirmed program is cancelled within 48 hours. The full cost of a program will be charged for no shows.

The HPL is closed during the summer term break (December-February).


The High Performance Lab is located on the upper floor of McKay Stadium, 97 Western Hills Drive, Kensington, Whangārei.

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