ICT Help

As we support you to move to new ways of learning at NorthTec, we want to assure you that our ICT Service Desk Team are here to support you.

In the first instance, if you have any technical difficulties that prevent you from accessing your learning, or you have trouble with aspects of digital learning in NorthNet, do not worry we have developed a range of self-help guides for you.

If then, you are still unable to resolve your issue, get in touch, our ICT Service Desk team is here to help you. 

You can access the ICT Service Desk in the following ways:

The Service Desk is available Monday to Thursday from 8 AM–5 PM, and Friday from  8 AM–4 PM

We are excited to announce that the ICT Service Desk will be moving to the library. The move will take place in the afternoon of October 1 and will open from Monday October 4.


NorthTec Login

Most NorthTec services use your usual network log-in credentials:

  • Username - Your username will be your student ID number e.g. 2006000009
  • Password - If you have already have an existing NorthTec network password, you can enter it here. If you have not changed your password before, your default NorthTec network password will be your birthdate in such format: ddMmmyyyy e.g 1Jan1970.

Your password lasts for an entire year unless you chose to change it. If you enter your password incorrectly three times, your account will be temporarily locked for 30 minutes. We encourage you to sign up for our self-service password reset tool. This will allow you to reset your password or unlock your account at any time from your own device.

Password reset and enrolment guides

Using the self-service password reset tool you will be able to reset your password and unlock your account.

Wi-Fi Guides