Concerns, Complaints and Academic Appeals

Let us know if we aren't living up to your expectations

NorthTec works hard to ensure students are satisfied and their expectations are met. However, if you feel standards have not been met there is a clear process for you to follow. Support in raising a concern or lodging  a complaint is available. 

To raise a concern, complaint or academic appeal please complete the above online submission form. Alternatively you can write a letter and

  •  Hand deliver to NorthTec’s Student Complaints Officer
  •  Email to
  • Post to:
    • Student Complaints Officer
      Private Bag 9019
      Whangarei Mail Centre 0148
If you have other general feedback, please complete the Feedback Form.


A situation where the student considers appropriate standards have not been met. The student perceives that the impact on him/her has not been large and it is likely that resolution can be obtained by direct, informal consultation with the  people concerned.

If you feel your concern has not been addressed, you may lodge the matter as a formal complaint. There is a clear process for you to follow to ensure your complaint will be considered.  Support in making a complaint is available from the student services team or international student support coordinator.


A written expression of dissatisfaction where the student seeks some form of redress or change in a situation; where the student considers that there has been a direct and significant adverse impact on him/her, which requires a formal process of resolution

Refer to the Student Concerns and Formal Complaints Policy. Support is available from the Student Services Team or international student support coordinator.

Academic Appeals

A written request by a student to change any academic decision, action or omission by a tutor or any NorthTec board or committee.

Further resolution options

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you may:

  • appeal the decision by informing the Students Complaint Officer in writing, or
  • refer the complaint directly to the following organisations outside of NorthTec who will provide an independent assessment of your complaint.

NZ Qualifications Authority (NZQA):

The Ombudsman

iStudent Complaints – for international learners to resolve financial and contractual disputes

Tertiary Education Dispute Resolution (Talk Meet Resolve) - for domestic tertiary learners to resolve financial and contractual disputes

If you need more information on the complaints process or clarity on which dispute resolution scheme applies to your situation, please contact Student Support Services or the International Team or NZQA directly.