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What is bullying/harassment?

Bullying is persistent, offensive, abusive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behaviour (express or implied) which makes the recipient(s) feel threatened, vulnerable or humiliated, undermines their self-confidence and/or causes them to suffer stress.

Harassment is verbal or physical behaviour, including the misuse of visual or written materials, by one person towards another, which is perceived as offensive and/or discriminatory, and is of a serious or persistent nature, to the extent that it interferes with the individual’s work or study.

Our stance

NorthTec is committed to ensuring that all employees, students and visitors are treated fairly, with dignity and respect by providing a work and learning environment that is free from harassment and bullying.

NorthTec considers any form of harassment and/or bullying to be totally unacceptable as this behaviour disregards the institutional values of NorthTec.  NorthTec aims to provide an environment within NorthTec and all its facilities which is free from harassment and bullying. 

All students should make themselves aware of NorthTec's Anti-Harassment and Bullying Policy

Talk to someone

If you would like to talk confidentially to someone, please get in touch with one of the anti-bullying contact staff listed below.


Di Williams (09) 470 3772
Iris Hutchinson (09) 470 4116
Jan Dawson (09) 470 4142
Janine Conaghan (09) 470 3651
Krystal Riley (09) 470 3616
Mia Testa (09) 470 3917
Tessa Peters (09) 470 3650
Judy Thompson (09) 470 3892
Louie Elliot (09) 470 3800

Future Trades

Carol McClintock (09) 470 3647
Dave Williams (09) 470 3912
Anne-Marie Kelly (09) 470 3868


Steve Rameka (09) 408 6117 / 027 555 4563
Helen Cossey (09) 470 4151