Compulsory Student Services Fee (CSSF)

The Compulsory Student Services Fee is a levy that will be charged to domestic students enrolled at NorthTec. Some student groups are exempt from paying the fee. This fee will be included in your invoice, and can be paid through Studylink.

Students recognised that the CSSF was important to implement here at NorthTec, to improve the student services, adding to the overall student experience. 

What is the CSSF?

The Compulsory Student Services Fee is a levy charged to domestic students enrolled at NorthTec. It includes the existing health levy and contributes towards student services that support student learning. The funds received by NorthTec from the CSSF can only be spent on student services.

How much is the fee?

$200 per year, for a student enrolled in a full year programme. Students enrolled in less than full-time study are charged on a pro-rata basis

Do all students get charged the CSSF?

Domestic students get charged a CSSF.  Some groups of students are exempt from paying the levy.

What programmes don’t get charged the CSSF?

  • Fees free
  • Online learners
  • International students

Can I borrow the CSSF on my student loan?

Yes, it will be included in your invoice because it is a compulsory fee

Can I get a refund within the tuition fee refund period?

Yes, if you completely withdraw from all courses within the refund period timeframe, the CSSF will be refunded in full.

Can I opt out of paying the CSSF?

No, it is a compulsory fee dedicated to improving student services at NorthTec

What does the CSSF cover?

This fee will support student services that aren’t covered by tuition fees, such as health services, added student services, student voice etc. 

How does NorthTec know that students want and need the services funded through the CSSF?

The key areas of service that will be provided were highlighted through a student survey, and will be unpacked by students in regards to service delivery.

How do students give NorthTec feedback about the services?

Students can give verbal feedback to the Student Voice Team or Student Representatives, through formal evaluation of services in student surveys.

Will students be able to input into the spending of the CSSF money?

NorthTec is committed to ensuring that students will have a say in how the money is spent and will work in partnership with student groups to ensure this process is followed. The Student Representatives & Student Council will determine the service details and delivery. 

Where do I find out more about the levy?

If you have any questions about the CSSF, please contact the Student Voice team.