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NorthTec is your pathway to new and better jobs! With nearly 25,000 new job openings in Northland by 2024, see how you can increase your earning power by climbing the skills ladder.

Don’t be left behind! Did you know 46.9% of Northland workers have no post-school qualification? Get skilled & qualified to secure your future.

We believe that to making connections with industry while you study is one of the best ways to improve your job prospects after you graduate. It’ll help with your networking and connection building, while understanding what it’s really like to work in a particular industry, and to help improve your CV with work experience for any potential employers. 

NorthTec’s relationships with industry is key to making these opportunities available for you! 
Some of these relationships have been fostered over a long period of time, and some have been made through the large networks our experienced tutors bring to their programmes. These industry connections is what helps to keep our programmes relevant and up-to-date with fast-evolving industries. 

Job openings in Tai Tokerau (2019-2024)

Field of study Certificate
(Level 1-3)
(Level 4)
(Level 5-6)
(Level 7+)
Construction and Infrastructure 1,376 2,029 518 784 4,715
Creative Industries 60 79 11 304 454
Manufacturing and Technology 1,157 1,330 406 1,032 3,953
Primary Industries 1,024 600 86 244 2,008
Service Industries 3,390 781 996 1,530 6,729
Social and Community Services 2,141 391 1,007 4,367 7,961

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