Discomfort, Pain and Injury Prevention/Management Training

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Who will benefit?

This course is ideal for employees, supervisors and managers who are involved in repetitive, forceful work or sustained postures (e.g. computer work) where there is a risk of DPI.

Learning outcomes

Trainees who complete this course will have knowledge and practical skills in the following areas:

  • Defining DPI, the different types of DPI, risk factors and key symptoms of DPI, and how DPI develops

  • How DPI can be prevented through design ergonomics, environmental ergonomics and good work organisation

  • Key workplace exercises to help reduce the development of DPI

  • Address early reporting of symptoms, staff monitoring, and the development of a rehabilitation plan.

Unit standards in this course

Unit standards Level Credits
17591 - Demonstrate knowledge of the prevention and management of discomfort, pain and injury (DPI) in the workplace 3 8

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