Advanced Harvesting Operations (Level 4)

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The Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF; also known as free trades training) supports learners to undertake vocational education and training without fees. 

Note: The TTAF covers fees until 31 December 2022. For courses continuing/starting after 1 January 2023, partial or full fees may apply.

About this programme

This training scheme is tailored for Forestry Workers who are already employed and require training and assessment to take place in the workplace.  The Training Schemes are made up of a suite of NZQA approved unit standards and students can choose to enrol in unit standards as per their requirements in blocks of 20-39 credits at one time.

Completion of the training scheme will also give students credit recognition towards the New Zealand Certificate in Forest Harvesting Operations (Level 4).

Who is this for?

Each individual unit standard delivered as a course of training ensures flexible access and enrolment to meet individual student needs providing a training scheme with a strong practical and applied focus. These forestry crews include:

  • workers in the forestry industry working in a variety of different harvesting operations depending on the season/time of the year, who need applied knowledge and skills relating to the specific operation they are involved with in the harvesting operations area, or

  • forest industry workers who have some level of training in harvesting operations who intend to continue with their full time employment and require acknowledgement and verification of their current knowledge and skills to continue working safely and productively in harvesting operations.

What you will learn

Graduates of this qualification will be able to:

  • Develop advanced harvesting knowledge to work as a professional within the forestry industry.

  • Apply their knowledge and skills relating to one or a range of the harvesting operations that they are professionally engaged with (specifically: core skills, cable extraction; fleet, sort and stack; ground based extraction; head breaker - out; loading; log making; mechanised felling; mechanised processing; spotting; swing yarder extraction; and tree felling).

Education & Employment Pathways

The Advanced Harvesting Operations Training Scheme provides a pathway for students to the New Zealand Certificate in Forest Harvesting Operations (Level 4).

Students who successfully complete the Advanced Harvesting Operations Training Scheme will be able to pursue new, or further their employment opportunities in the harvesting-based forestry industry.


Tests and or practical demonstrations as per the Competenz unit standard assessment pack for each unit standard.

Unit Standards in this programme

A total of 30 credits is required for completion of this training scheme.

Unit Standards Level Credits
1231 - Prepare wire ropes for forest harvesting operations 3 19
1254 - Mark logs to optimise value 4 10
1258 - Coordinate breaking-out for a cable harvesting operation 4 12
1262 - Position, secure and raise an integral tower on a cable yarder 4 10
1268 - Prepare wire ropes, rigging, and equipment for cable harvesting operations 4 15
1269 - Plan, prepare for, and carry out lineshifts in a cable harvesting operation 4 15
6921 - Extract stems using a cable yarder 4 18
6926 - Demonstrate knowledge of the log loading process 3 5
6928 - Operate a Bell machine in a forest or log yard situation 4 5
6930 - Operate a forked loader in a forest or a log yard 4 5
6931 - Fleet, sort and stack logs 4 15
6932 - Load a logging truck and/or trailer 4 15
6934 - Operate a skidder in a forestry situation 4 5
6935 - Operate an excavator based tracked machine in a forestry situation 4 5
6936 - Operate a tracked machine in a forestry situation 4 5
6943 - Delimb tree lengths using a mechanised delimber 4 10
6944 - Make logs using a mechanised processing machine 4 18
6945 - Fell trees using a mechanised harvesting machine 4 20
6946 - Operate a forwarder in a forest harvesting operation 4 5
6964 - Apply environmental management to harvesting trees 4 10
17771 - Carry out line shifts in a cable harvesting operation using a mobile tail-holds machine 4 15
17773 - Apply environmental management to harvesting trees in a low environmental risk situation 4 6
24569 - Fell trees using machine pushing assistance 4 5
24570 - Fell trees using back-pulling machine assistance 4 6
24571 - Demonstrate knowledge of internal and external customer needs within a commercial forestry operation 4 5
24572 - Manage a forestry accident site in a simulated situation 4 10
24577 - Demonstrate knowledge of health and safety management in a commercial forestry operation 4 10
24578 - Plan and manage a cable yarder down tower operation and plan the relocation of the cable yarder 4 8
24584 - Demonstrate use of a computerised system for controlling harvester functions in a forestry operation 4 5
24588 - Demonstrate knowledge of forestry landing management 4 10
24590 - Operate a self-levelling machine in a forestry operation 4 5
25788 - Demonstrate knowledge of and implement temporary traffic control on private forest roads 3 5
27628 - Extract stems using a ground based machine 4 20
27633 - Position, secure and relocate a swing yarder 4 18
27634 - Demonstrate knowledge of cable harvesting equipment and systems 4 5
27635 - Carry out spotter’s duties for a cable harvesting grapple operation 4 12
27636 - Extract stems using a swing yarder 4 18
28559 - Plan for and undertake safe behaviour observations in a forestry operation 4 10
28561 - Plan and fell trees using advanced techniques in a commercial forest harvesting operation 4 25

Courses and programmes may be cancelled, postponed or have their content or configuration changed from time to time (including during the academic year) at the discretion of NorthTec. Fees are an indication, include GST and apply to domestic students only. View terms and conditions

From 1 January 2023, all NorthTec learners will be part of Te Pūkenga. Please note that these programmes of study are currently under review as part of the reform of vocational education training and may be subject to change.

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