eCampus FAQ

What is eCampus?

eCampus NZ is a flexible online learning service that works with your lifestyle to help you achieve your study goals.

eCampus NZ courses are offered by:

  • NorthTec
  • Ara Institute of Canterbury
  • Otago Polytechnic (OP)
  • Universal College of Learning (UCOL)
  • Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT)
  • Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT)
  • Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology

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How does it work?

Once enrolled you will be given login details for the eCampus portal. There you will find all your course materials, assessment information, links to additional resources, and everything else you need to work through your courses. There are no physical resources to receive – eCampus courses are fully online. You will have a class group with a facilitator (similar to a tutor) and a student advisor to support you through your learning journey.

Can I start any time?

There’s no need to wait until the next semester or year – eCampus courses have new intakes every month on set days (these differ between courses).

Will I have contact with other students?

Yes, through the online platform. Your course group will have discussion forums to contribute to and the ability to comment on the course content.

Is it flexible?

Yes, eCampus courses are designed with flexibility in mind. There are set timeframes for each course and assessment deadlines, but you work towards these at your own pace. There are no set hours or class times so you can fit study around your work and family life. There are also multiple start dates for each course, usually monthly, so you can build a study pathway that is tailored to your own timeline.

Will I be a NorthTec student?

You be enrolled with NorthTec and therefore a NorthTec student. When you complete your qualification your certificate/diploma will show NorthTec as your provider. All your teaching and assessment will be done via eCampus.

Is eCampus available to international students?

No, unfortunately international students aren’t eligible for eCampus courses through NorthTec at present.

Will I have to attend any classes, tests or exams in person?

No, eCampus courses are fully online. Course assessments are submitted through an online drop box.

Can I get a loan or allowance for eCampus studies?

Students studying towards a qualification with eCampus can apply for student loans and allowances. Contact Studylink to check your specific eligibility.

Do eCampus courses qualify for the new Fees Free system?

Yes! To check your individual eligibility, see

Will there be support if I need help?

Yes. Each course has a facilitator who tracks your progress. They will be there every step of the way offering helpful feedback on your assessments, answering your course questions and will provide you with the latest course information.

You will also have an advisor who can help you with everything from motivation, study support and advice, to answering general course questions. We will regularly check in and see how you are going and if you need help, we will step in to give you the guidance you need to kick your study back into gear.

Can I access facilities at my local NorthTec campus?

Generally, it is expected that eCampus students will not access campus facilities. If there is a particular service or
facility that you need, please contact us to discuss how we can help.

Who can I talk to for more information?


How do I apply?

You can apply online at