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Whiti Noa - Apiculture

Whiti Noa - Apiculture

“I decided to do the Apiculture course because it was stepping out of my box. My family are all teachers, and I became a teacher myself. However, I love being outdoors. And being with bees was probably the best option for me.”

“For me, one of the best things was being close to the bees. Another thing was being able to see different types of bees and familiarise myself with how bees work. That was one of the best things to learn from being a queen to a worker to a drone. It opened my mind up to a lot of how bees work in the natural environment. It’s much more complex than you realise.”

“At first what I found tricky was handling things like the bees, the hive tools, frames, and things like that. That was a challenge at the start. But our tutor kept going and teaching us and each week I just got more confident.”
“I ended up building the confidence to go in for adverts and to find a job and I ended up with a job in the industry at a place called King Honey.”

“Long term, I really want to go back to teaching, and teaching our kids how to bee keep specifically. That's my main goal, to be able to teach and pass on that knowledge to our younger generations.”

“I recommend people go with NorthTec because of the supportive crew, I'm sure a lot of other people in other courses will say the same. Everyone helps each other to get through everything, and the tutors are really helpful. I really do advocate for NorthTec.”

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