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Tina Goodyer -Sport, Recreation and Exercise

Tina Goodyer -Sport, Recreation and Exercise

“I decided to get into the exercise programme because of my father. He's 75 and he has a lot of health issues. I really wanted to learn about the body and how I could help my dad just enjoy everyday life a bit more.”

“I've been able to implement more exercise into my dad's life without necessarily having to be in the gym, just getting more movement, and by supporting that with nutrition we’ve been able to reverse his stage 2 diabetes. He no longer needs insulin, and he has the energy to get around. And all of that’s been due to what I’ve learned at NorthTec.”

“I wanted to go to university, but I never thought I’d get the chance. I’m the only one in my family who’s up North and can take care of my father. With NorthTec being so close to home and so flexible with their classes, they made it possible to study and stay close to home.”

“One of the other reasons I chose NorthTec is because I’m a practical learner. The different testing styles at NorthTec mean you don’t have to be good at academics to succeed, they support you through the parts where you need more help.”

“NorthTec was amazing throughout Covid, I was dealing with some family stuff that made it hard for me to attend zoom sessions and study. My tutors recorded all the zooms and sent them to me. They sent me the lectures, did one-on-one zooms to help me. They got student support to contact me and help me out with anything else I needed. The Sport and Rec team were amazing, and I can’t thank them enough.”

“They really want you to succeed here, I’ve been given so much support. I would never have made it through without the support of my tutors. Now I’m signed up for next year!”

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