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Sophie Hookins - Baking

Sophie Hookins - Baking

“NorthTec seems more friendly, it definitely seems like it’s more of a community than just going to school and going home again. It feels like a home. Everyone is so friendly.”

“My biggest challenge was getting my confidence. I was very shy person when I started coming to NorthTec, but I've really come out of my shell. The teachers here have helped me do that. And the courses helped a lot. I'm a much more confident person now.”

“Studying has definitely changed my life. I didn't have a job before I came to NorthTec and then coming out of the level three and four cookery, and level four baking I now have a job at Jane Mander retirement home. I’m the assistant chef there.”

“My tutors have just been there to really explain things and make it easier for me to pass, because they all want me to pass. They’ve been in contact with me while I've been out of course, and they've even helped me through my first week of work and everything. So, they've been really supportive in the long run.”

“I thought NorthTec would just be like a normal college, and it would be boring. But once I'd finished the Level 3 cooking course, I didn’t want to leave. So, I just stayed and I'm still here.”

“My long-term goal would probably be to get confident enough to work in a restaurant or a proper bakery. I think that would be my main aim for all of this and getting my certificate.”

“To anyone wanting to come to NorthTec, just come here. It's great. It's amazing. Just come here.”

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