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Nicole Vuletich- Architectural Technology

Nicole Vuletich- Architectural Technology

“I decided to do the Architectural Technology course because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I was going through a career change; the opportunity came along at the right time. I chose NorthTec specifically because it was close, and I have a family. I didn’t want to uplift them and move away to another part of the country. It was much better to stay here, and study close to home.”

“I didn’t realise we would go so in-depth into the materials and services side like electrical planning, plumbing, and such. I thought we would need to know an overview. But it became apparent that it was very necessary and I’m glad now that its such an in-depth study.”

“Everyone, the other students and tutors have all been really supportive. We have a WhatsApp group where we can ask each other questions and the tutors are great at explaining everything. I’m amazed with how much knowledge the tutors have and it has been great to get the industry experience.”

“My husband is a builder, and we have a building business that we run. In the long run I want to be designing the houses that he builds and hopefully making good money as well. There plenty of scope for it up here.”

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