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Monique Balfour - Nursing

Monique Balfour - Nursing

“I decided to study nursing because nursing seemed like the place where I could show my compassion. I could care for people who really wanted the help. It will be a really rewarding career for me.”

“I heard that NorthTec was the only tertiary education provider in New Zealand that gets all their Student Nurses through the course on time. So that's why I chose them.”

“What surprised me most was the different aspects of nursing and what you learn in the degree. Not only are you learning nursing skills that you expect to learn, but you also learn many other skills. You learn how to communicate with all sorts of different people, in different situations. You learn troubleshooting; when a situation doesn't go how you think it will, you learn how to come up with a different way to address the situation. The flexibility of being a nurse, and especially as a registered nurse, the surprises you encounter means you learn something new every day and that’s amazing to me.”

“My goals are to stay in intensive care and high dependency nursing. I'm fortunate to hopefully get there as a new graduate. I hope to develop my skills and possibly carry on postgraduate education. I can become a nurse practitioner down the line or work overseas. The options are endless.”

“I enjoy ICU because of the variety. Intensive care has such a variety of nursing and conditions, you're helping so many different people that come into. It’s not only adults, but it’s pediatrics as well. I like variety in my work. To be able to have to do that and to work in different areas and with different members of the community and the nursing team is amazing.”

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