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Maia McGee-King- Architectural Technology

Maia McGee-King- Architectural Technology

“I decided to do the Architectural technology course because I was straight out of high school, and I had already done Architecture there and its what I really enjoyed. It was a good lead on from what I was already doing. The course has really solidified that architecture is what I really want to do.”

“NorthTec was close to home, and I wanted to be close to family. I moved in with my sister and that’s been really handy. It’s great to be able to stay close while still doing what I want to do.”

“What I’ve loved most about the course is the people, the students and tutors are just great and really friendly. Our first year instantly clicked, we all get along. Having multiple tutors has really helped as everyone teaches differently and you can pick up a lot more when different people are explaining the same concept. Everyone really helps each other out as well, so we all get there together.”

“The course has been challenging but in a good way. There’s lots of assignments but things just flow naturally from one to the next, it’s a good snapshot of what the job looks like.”

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