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Lisa Sutherland - Baking

Lisa Sutherland - Baking

“I was a Dive Master for a dive company. When COVID reared its ugly head, I decided to retrain. I've always enjoyed baking and I saw [the NZ Certificate in Baking Level 4] course advertised online and decided to go for it.”

“I’ve really loved learning new techniques in baking. I've been a baker for years, my mum taught me but learning the new techniques and new skills. It's been the best part.”

“There were a few of the recipes that are included in the course, that I found quite bizarre. They are very old-fashioned and very outdated but learned through the course that we're doing them for a reason because they showed skills of baking that we would never have learned those recipes. There’s a reason for everything in the course.”

“It's got me thinking about the future a lot more now that I’m most of the way through the course. Before I started the course, I didn't know what sort of baking I wanted to do. And it got to the semester three, and we started making the artesian bread and croissants, and that's when I realized, like a light going off, that's what I want to do.”

“I want to own my own business. Like a bakery but specializing in stuff that New Zealand doesn't do. More along the lines of artesian bread, croissants, pain au chocolat, and stuff that you don't usually find in a kiwi bakery. Something like a little bit less generic.”

“Everyone here has been great, the staff are so friendly, the office lady waves to me every morning when I come in and the tutors are very helpful. If I need anything I can call, and they are always there if I have any problems. It’s been fantastic.”

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