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Lesha Wihongi - Nursing

Lesha Wihongi - Nursing

“When I decided to return to the work force after being a fulltime Mum, I wanted to study something that would result in a job so I could create a good life for my kids. I chose nursing and because I hadn’t studied for years I started with the foundation course to refresh my study skills.”

“Since graduating, I’ve been working as a District Nurse and love being out amongst the community getting to know and help people in their own environments. Everything in our nursing degree, from human bio-science through to pathophysiology, is relevant to my job now. As soon as I started work, all the connections between what we’d learnt made sense, and even little things like aseptic techniques and applying dressings are really important.”

“During the training, the biggest stand-out was the absolute support of the entire NorthTec staff. I became unexpectedly pregnant during my study and the tutors laid out the options then totally supported me in my choice to continue to study full time, including working my schedule around giving birth. The wrap of support included librarians and anyone in student support and if they couldn’t help they directed me to someone who could.”

“When I graduated I was offered two job interviews through the ACE process, one with a GP practice and one for District Nursing and I chose the District Nursing as a natural follow-on to enjoying my 12 week placement in that sector. I love being out in the community reaching out to people rather than waiting for them to come to us. My confidence has grown so much since graduating and I’ve transformed from a nervous student to now taking more responsibilities and being accountable for my actions. I’m also completing my post–grad NETP (Nurse Entry to Practice) programme at the moment to further support my career.”          

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