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Leoné van Rooyen- Architectural Technology

Leoné van Rooyen- Architectural Technology

“I decided to do the architectural technology course because I love drawing and I love building. I've known that since I was in Year 12. I quite liked the whole designing area. At first, I thought I would be a builder, but I didn’t really enjoy that, so I decided to focus on the drawing side. Architecture was a natural progression.”

“I would love to have my own little business. My family are all hands-on people, so everyone could help out and it could be a whole family thing. My dad’s a woodwork teacher and he’s done construction as well. My partner is a painter and his dad's an electrician, so between us all we could have a cool business going on doing what we want.”

“One of the most surprising things I learnt was all the background behind the buildings, like all the plumbing and the electrical and what beams and rafters you need where. Its not something you realise you need to know, until you find out you have to draw all of these things for a housing plan.”

“NorthTec’s been great, the course fit into my life really well and the tutors are very easy to work with. They are very supportive and approachable. And we’re learning the stuff that actually matters and can help us in the future.”

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