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Lee Deeprose - Agriculture

Lee Deeprose - Agriculture

“This course has made me want to go out and start my own small business fencing and properly get out there and help others. I decided to do the agriculture course because it was something new, something a bit more physical than just paperwork. NorthTec Dargaville was local, and it was easy to get to. But I found I really liked getting out there and doing it.”

“Starting next year, I'm going to be trying to start a business fencing and painting. Ultimately, I'd be working to build a bigger business for the future. It’s very needed at the moment because no one wants to be stuck out in a paddock, in the middle of summer and working as much as they can to put up a fence. But it needs to be done. I like the hands-on work.”

“I've found that the entire system with NorthTec to be very helpful. The people around you actually want you to succeed. It makes it really easy to learn.”

“I’ve loved meeting new people and the tutors were really supportive. They encouraged you to give it a go and push you more than what other teachers would do at school. If you want to study at NorthTec then give it a go. They’ll help you through it.”

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