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Kendra Beazley- Health and Wellbeing

Kendra Beazley- Health and Wellbeing

“I became a mother at the young age of 16 and so education back then came to a halt and that continued for the next 11 years, so taking that step to return to study and find the right path for me was huge. I didn’t know where to start or what I wanted to do.”

Kendra started with the Certificate in Study and Career Preparation-Level 3 and after hearing stories form other students made the choice to complete the Certificate in Health and Wellbeing. “The reason I chose to do the health & well-being level 4 (mental health and addictions) is because I myself had struggled with both mental health and addiction in the past, not only that but I also have whanau that suffer and I wanted to learn and know how I can help, and what there is to offer out there in our community.

“I had no idea this course existed so myself and a friend of mine jumped at the opportunity and signed up as soon as we could for the following years in-take, we were the first two to be interviewed and accepted! It was our time to break that generational cycle!”

“The other students and tutor on the course were so amazing and supportive, basically all the students there, were there for the same things I was! They all had their own personal backgrounds and just wanted to know how they can use that in a positive way and help others out there in need.”

Kendra advised that one of the assignments had even further impact on her, when she needed to present a mihi and pepeha. “I didn’t know mine at the time and being Māori, it became a personal journey that included many phone calls and messages to my mum and dad, cousins, aunties and uncles, then, most importantly, my grandfather to pretty much find my place to call home. It was something that had always been there at the back of my mind, so it was the perfect opportunity to do so.”

“My dream, long term, would be to open my own residential rehab here in northland, our people are screaming for help but there just isn’t enough space out there. But first I want to gain as much experience and knowledge as possible to be able to help those suffering from mental health and addictions. My passion is in helping those in need, especially having been there myself with no-one to turn to and not knowing what was available out there when I needed it most.”

“If you’re thinking about furthering your education or career, North Tec is definitely the place to start! They have everything you need and will support you in whatever you choose! It’s just about getting up and getting out there!”

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