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Katherine Wright - Horticulture

Katherine Wright - Horticulture

“I used to live in Wellington, working a nine to five job. My husband was home with the kids, and it was exhausting. I was tired. We decided that we wanted to be more sustainable. I wanted to be home more, so we dug up half our lawn and grew heaps of veggies.”

“Eventually we decided to move home. My husband's from Kaitaia so we brought a piece of land and I decided to do the horticulture course to grow food for my family and make some money while staying home more and spending time with my family.”

“I chose NorthTec because it's local and only a 15-minute drive. NorthTec gets you out there doing it. I get the student allowance so we can pay the bills. And I get to come here and learn and then I'll get to make money with what I've learned. It’s great.”

“We’ve got a really good instructor who will give you seeds. He will give you anything you need, and you can take a lot of things home and improve in your own time. He’ll answer any question. If I ask ‘What's this tree? What's it for?’ John will come over and show me how to take a cutting or grab the seeds, and I'll take them home, and then I can propagate it at home.”

“I have loved learning from scratch how to create an orchard. From waist high kikuyu grass, to planting trees, and by the end of the course hopefully I will learn how to harvest tamarillos and sell them to the public.”

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