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Joanne Skyrme - Biodiversity Management

Joanne Skyrme - Biodiversity Management

“Since graduating, I have this fantastic job as sole Ranger on Motu Matakohe/Limestone Island located in the Whangarei harbour. I applied for the job just after I finished studying, and my NorthTec degree, along with my previous life and work experience in things like driving heavy vehicles and on boats, contributed to my getting it. I also did a practicum and summer internship for the Northern Regional Council where I then worked part-time for the remainder of my studies as an Environmental Monitoring Officer, so I had developed a good network of contacts relevant to this role.”

“NorthTec has strong links with Matakohe/Limestone Island with ex-tutors and students having been rangers here in the past and students visiting for several different papers throughout the year.”

“I’ve always had an active recreational interest in the natural environment but when I returned from overseas a few years ago, I realised I’d like to do something that positively contributed to that environment. Doing this degree has enabled that and because it’s in applied science, a lot of what we studied is super-relevant to the work I’m doing now. The course gave me a really broad knowledge base and involved a lot of field-based mahi. Study taught me that anything is achievable if you put your mind to it and apply yourself.”

 “Since graduating I’ve grown hugely in confidence and can now speak out on issues with an educated voice. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to upskill in my new job having completed my boat masters and gaining my accredited kiwi handlers’ certificate”

“I really enjoy restoration ecology and this job is part of a long term island restoration project. I love that this is a career path where we can directly improve the environment for ourselves as well as for future generations.”

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