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Daniel Manihera - Nursing

Daniel Manihera - Nursing

Daniel is doing a Bachelor of Nursing. As a mature learner he has plenty of experience to bring to the role. This includes being a father and 11 years working for the Northland District Health Board in Mental Health Services.

“I started off as hospital security and then got poached by mental health services. I set myself a goal within five years to be the team leader of the mental health auxiliary workers. It took me five and a half. My passion for caring for people really grew.”

“A lot of factors made me study. One was my passion for caring for people. I didn't have enough influence in the decision-making regarding Māori patients. It was also to promote to my children to go hard at school and get a good education.”

“But the one major reason was I wanted to have an influence around disparities and inequities and inequalities within the health system between Māori and non-Māori because we know basis statistic say Māori are the ones in need.”
Daniel had his pick of place to study; he was born in Northland but spent a lot of his teen and early adult years in Auckland.
“I got accepted into Auckland, but Whangarei has always been home for me. NorthTec always seemed like the Hub of Northland. I also thought it was going to be more conducive to my learning, especially around the support from the tutors here.”

Despite his previous history in mental health work, Daniel was still concerned about his ability to learn everything needed to pass his courses.

“I surprised myself on how I could retain the information and give it back. I still find it hard to write. But I can articulate it. I surprised myself by passing exams and I've done it for the last two years. I was going into exams and wanting to apply for a re-sit before I start the exam. So, I guess my biggest surprise is I haven't had a reset for two years.”

“I was told all my life that I would amount to nothing. And so, I'm doing it to prove all those teachers from back in the day wrong.”

“I want [a job] where I feel competent, confident, and where I can have an influence in health pertaining to Māori. My end goal is to be a gatekeeper. The one who has an influence on policies that address disparity, or the health system. That's my goal, to have a heavy influence on changing policies around the medical system”

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