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Colleen Cowin - Baking

Colleen Cowin - Baking

“I decided to do the baking course because food and particularly baking, is something that I've always been passionate about. As soon as I saw that NorthTec was doing a baking course I signed up as quickly as I could.”

“I chose NorthTec because I literally live just up the road. And two of my sons have already been through here to be educated.”

“I've discovered that I really, really like making artisan bread, like bagels and focaccia, that kind of thing. My dream situation would be a small bakery of some sort where I can mess around and bake stuff that I want to bake but is interesting to other people who keep coming back. It would let me do what I want to do and change things around. But first, I think I'll just work for someone else, find a job because I've got those skills to offer now, and I can get more experience and practice.”

“I've done a lot of baking, but things like piping skills, holding the piping bag right, and doing the twirly bits, that's something that I don't have a lot of experience with, so that was good to learn.”

“The course has changed my life. It's made me realise that I've got a unique set of skills to offer and helped me focus on the fact that I want to work with food and particular baking.”

“NorthTec’s great because there is actually something for everyone. Find something and come in and talk to people, talk to the tutors, even if you're just a little bit interested in it. I think anyone can find something that they would like to study. Don't let age be a barrier because it's not.”

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