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Cody Summers - Nursing

Cody Summers - Nursing

“I decided to study nursing because I watched my mom. She's been a nurse throughout my whole life. So, when she's come home, I've always been able to talk to her about the job and I found it interesting.”

“I chose NorthTec because I talked to a few people about it, and they all said that NorthTec is very supportive. They said that NorthTec gave you a lot of opportunities. Plus, it's local which is a big positive.”

“The part that I've enjoyed the most and plan on going through with is learning about mental health. Knowing that when I'm working in mental health, I’m helping people that have come out of a really difficult situation. I’ve learned to understand people and take into account where they come from. Nursing has impacted my life in the way that I perceive the world. It's taught me a lot about being more accepting and understanding of others.”

“My long-term goal in the future is to eventually become a nurse practitioner specializing in mental health. I’d be working on the mental health wards and know that that’s where I can make a big difference in people’s lives.”

“Going into the course, what I thought was there would be a set of rules of how to do each thing, and you just kind of follow it. So, what surprised me was the amount of study that each nurse puts into finding what we call 'golden practice'. Every patient is different, and you have to adapt to each person.”

“If you want to study nursing then definitely come to NorthTec. I've found that I've always had support and plenty of opportunities.”

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