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Chris Nahi - Social work student

Chris Nahi -Social Services

“I am studying for my Bachelor Degree In Applied Social Work so that I have the formal training needed in the field that I work in.”

“I am the program coordinator of Victory House, a Residential Rehabilitation program for men. While living in Australia I lost my way. In 2016 through Victory House Australia, I was able to break free of the chains of addiction. The program helped me to identify and work on the core issues and behaviours that kept me in the cycle of addiction for over 15yrs. In 2017 I returned to New Zealand and witnessed the damage ‘P’ was having on our community, I contacted my brother and told him that I would like to open a Victory House in New Zealand. With his help and many more from the community with a heart for whanau restoration, on the 23rd of November 2018, we opened our doors.”

Chris has also completed a Certificate in Health and Wellbeing-level 4 with NorthTec, saying he wanted to get a better understanding of people and human development. “This course has added so much knowledge into my kete already, I have gained more patience and understanding in my line of work.”

“The best aspects or stand-outs come from Sue Vaughan and Amadonna Jackman, the way they speak and deliver information really helps me with my learning style.”

“I feel that my classmates and especially my tutors have impacted me immensely. I love being in class because it allows me to ask questions and direction about anything I do not understand.”

“I would like to honour and thank NorthTec for the support and allowing me the opportunity to become the best that I can, so that I can use the tools and knowledge to improve whanau and community wellbeing.”

“My dream study is; Study for a Master's Degree one day! and in life; open more Victory House Residential Rehabilitation programs (Kaikohe, Kaitaia) I would love for Northland to be known as the land of recovery and restoration of whanau.”

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