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Brooke-Lyn Hereaka - Nursing

Brooke-Lyn Hereaka - Nursing

“My brother was killed in Oakland a couple of years ago. Shortly after we arrived in Auckland, he was pronounced brain dead. And as a family, we didn't know what to do. The nurses were really supportive and so caring with him. It was beautiful as a family to see that and I thought if I ever get the chance to do that for another family, I'd love to. So, studying nursing is a bit of an ode to him."

“I decided to do a bachelor of nursing because I knew that it would give me more opportunities to choose different career paths like nursing is not just in a hospital setting. I could come in and learn about different styles of nursing, different areas of nursing, they give you many opportunities to level up.”

“What I found challenging was probably trying to deal with placements and having children. My tutors the understanding and they try to cater my placements around my children. They were very supportive.”

“What surprised me most was, how supportive they were regarding cultural safety and working with identity. We learned a lot about cultural care along the way. I thought I knew a lot as I am Māori, but I had a lot to learn about cultural care. And it’s not just ethnicity, it's sexuality and identity. I have bilateral hearing loss, that is a part of my identity. So, thinking about people like me on the ward and identifying where they might need support. It's important to be able to cater to their needs and wants.”

“I'm planning to eventually become a nurse practitioner, that is the goal. I love the thought of being able to get into the community and give back more. I will prefer to be at rural and be able to help other of Māori descent.”

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