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Amber Ryder- Construction (Carpentry)

Amber Ryder - Construction (Carpentry)

“I decided to study at NorthTec because I know Henry, the tutor quite well. He’s a family friend and decided to come up to our house one day and asked if myself and my brother would be keen on joining the carpentry course. I hadn't really thought about it before but then decided it would be good to learn a trade and since NorthTec Dargaville was the closest to home it would be a lot easier to do instead of having to go to Whangārei.”

“I've loved learning a lot about carpentry and getting out and working on building sites and stuff. It’s been great making quite a lot of new friends as well.”

“Honestly, I didn't really think I would end up liking carpentry very much because I hadn't really planned on ever doing carpentry in my life. But it's definitely helped a lot with stuff at home and work. I work on a farm so if something needs fixing or building out there, I can go help with it. And it's just been really handy to have a new skill like that.”

“I think the course has helped me figure out what I want to do in the future. I don't think I'd even go into the trade of building but if the opportunity came up, I have the resources to be able to just jump straight into it. I’d like to look into architecture, because I’ve really enjoyed that side of things. Eventually I want to own my own lifestyle block, it would just be good to have my own land and have a little piece of paradise and maybe build a tiny home on it one day, which I now have the skills to do.”

“I definitely recommend NorthTec if you're looking to learn any kind of trades. The tutors are very helpful, and you end up making a lot of friends.”

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