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Sihua (Sara) Liao - Architecture

Sihua (Sara) Liao - Architecture

Sihua is transitioning from a background in hospitality to a new career in architecture. “I’ve been a café manager in the Town Basin for seven years but the work hours meant my husband and I were hardly seeing each other. He works as an architectural draughtsman Monday to Friday whereas in hospitality we’re often working weekends.”

“I was also ready for a change and because I’m good at maths, I was wondering about accounting or architecture. I’m interested in drawing and my husband was encouraging me towards architecture - and did his training in this same course - so I signed up and I’m really enjoying it.”

“The best aspect for me is that the whole industry is so broad with lots of potential work options. The study here though is full-on so I had to give up my part-time café work but may be able to pick it up again in the holidays. Because I don’t have a building background, I found the technical building language a challenge at first but my tutors, my husband, and some of the students with building experience helped me through that.”

“I’m really looking forward to getting into a career with more family friendly hours and better earning potential, and when I finish the course I hope to get a job to gain some experience. Later I may go on to get an architecture degree in Auckland, and the long term dream is for my husband and me to have an architectural design business where I specialise in domestic design while he focuses on commercial design.”

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