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Shjara Dakin - Nursing

“I was working full time in an ordinary job and wanted an education in something that was mine to do. Nursing is it for me and I got accepted for both Auckland and here but chose to come to NorthTec because of the more flexible curriculum and fewer financial barriers. I had no qualifications and minimal family or other support, so the complete wrap-around support I’ve received here is something I’ve never experienced in my life before.”

“I’ve made new friends and have set myself on a whole new life path. I was an urbanized Māori and NorthTec really enables Māori to succeed. I also didn’t know my Māori culture so I have been able to learn more about that than I ever knew before.”

“During the course of my study I’ve had some personal issues that have made the course 10 times harder than it needed to be, but I knew I could reach out and get support. If I had been studying at any other place, I would have left. With that support, I’m amazed at how confident I’ve become. Our class is more like a family. This course tears you down and builds you up - but in a good way.”

“The education I’ve gained here is far broader than our nursing training. It’s also an education about life and services. I’m caring for my younger siblings and being at NorthTec has helped me find resources that are available to support that. The facilities here are so accessible and the tutors here are flexible enough to accommodate all walks of life.”

“When I graduate as a Registered Nurse, I want to get a job to get some general nursing experience, then I want to work in sexual health. There is so much need in that area and any further training is mostly on the job.”

“NorthTec has given me the confidence to build on my education and to become successful. We are valued here and our thoughts are valued. For Māori students, there is a positive pathway to success that you wouldn’t see anywhere else.”

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