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Phillip Rangi Harding - Mechanical Engineering

Phillip Rangi Harding - Mechanical Engineering

“I wanted to upskill and train in a trade. I love this programme so much - I’m always here early, and we learn new skills and info every day. I knew some of the basics but there are big gaps in my knowledge and I want the qualification.”

“Everything is a challenge here because I haven’t studied for years but the tutors help me to wrap my head around it and all of the students bounce off each other. The support net here is amazing. I like that our learning is very hands-on and everything I touch here I enjoy. We learn about a huge range of things from welding, to AC currents and gravity but it’s all connected.”

“After the course I’m keen to get a job maybe in welding and maybe in a boatyard we visited recently that is expanding so is looking for a lot more staff. My real passion though is customizing cars. I already build and sell cars now, and when I complete the course I’ll know more about working with air bags and panel-beating so will be able to extend the scope of what I can do with cars.” 

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