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Paula Walker - Horticulture

Paula Walker – Horticulture

Paula Walker decided to study Horticulture at NorthTec because it is something she has always had an interest in.

“I’ve tried to grow things at home however I wasn’t getting very far with them; studying at NorthTec was the only option I found to study horticulture locally in Kaitaia.

“I think it’s very important to grow locally. This course can help us get to the stage where we can supply local industries (with produce and trained labour) and also take the skills home, grow for our own families and live sustainably. I try and grow everything I need myself.

“It was important for me that this course balanced hands-on, practical work and classroom activities. We go out on work placement which is great to get out of the classroom and put what we’ve learnt into practice. We are able to see the industry processes and put something on our CV with relevant experience for an employer to see; especially what we learnt on the Grow Safe course – it’s an awesome step up for anyone who wants to get into the industry.

“My favourite part of the course, besides growing things, has been the friendships made within the class. There’s 12 of us in the class with the same interest and we all help each other. The tutor is also really friendly and bends over backwards to help us all. Doing the course and work experience has inspired me to take steps to plant my own commercial orchard.”

Paula’s advice to students thinking about getting into the horticulture industry is: “Come to NorthTec to study because it’s supportive, there are easy steps to follow, you can learn a lot from the tutors who are passionate about different things, and, it’s fun!”

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