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Ngarama Fletcher - Beauty

Ngarama Fletcher - Beauty

“It was such a surprise to be accepted into this course and now it has opened doors to a world I didn’t even know existed. When I finished school in Kaitaia I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I’ve always been keen on things to do with beauty and it was time to expand my life outside of Kaitaia. So I applied for this course, got accepted, and I now love everything about it.”

“I knew no-one when I moved here which was hard at first but the support of the students and the tutor got me through. Another surprise was the range of what we learn. I was expecting the focus to be on make-up but we also learn anatomy, physiology, waxing and massaging, which is a challenge for me but in a good way.”

“Doing this course has put me on a career path around the world that I could never have imagined. I want to work on a cruise ship, and through the tutor’s connections here I have an interview coming up that hopefully will lead to six weeks training in the UK before signing up for a nine month contract on a cruise ship. It’s so exciting and something I would never have expected or even dreamed about - I can be working doing something I love while travelling the world!”

“My next step is to succeed at the interview and get the contract, then return home and get a job for even more experience. Later I’d love to have my own business offering a wide range of beauty therapy.”

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