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Melanie Turnell - Business

Melanie Turnell - Business

“My mum worked in the accounting field so I grew up knowing about that world, but I initially studied as a teacher in Auckland, thinking I’d teach accounting. When my flat in Auckland dissolved and my Mum had some health issues, it was time to come up here for more affordable housing, advance my skills in a different direction and meet some new people. This NorthTec degree is helping me re-frame my life and the tutors make it so worthwhile to be here.”

“I love how family-friendly NorthTec is with flexi-time if personal issues arise, and the tutors are there for you if you put in the work. I realising I’m a lot more capable than I thought I was. I tend to be self-deprecating so doing this degree has really built my confidence and validated my self-worth. The tutors also open doors for us and, through them, I’ve just started an internship with an accounting firm. It’s amazing the huge difference in my life in just 18 months.”

“I want to graduate with distinction, then work in a large accounting firm that could lead to international experience and eventually to become a Chartered Accountant.”

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