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Melanie Tahere - Cookery

“After 13 years of being a mum to my 8 children, it was time to change things up a bit. They were getting fussier about what we were eating and had had enough of my limited food choices, and I knew I was ready to learn new skills. NorthTec was just up the road so I started with level 2 Cookery to learn the basics, took a year off for my last pregnancy, then got back into it at level 3 this year.”

“I love being introduced to new foods, I love the atmosphere here, and I love learning new things. With great support from my family and the children’s father, I’m finding a new balance in my life and I’m surprising myself with how easy making interesting food can be. It’s challenging balancing study and family commitments but the support both at home and here make it possible - and the kids are already appreciating the new food options I bring home.”

“I really love watching the tutors introduce and demonstrate new dishes for us to make here, and I then go home and make them. My eldest is 13 and always wants to help me while the next eldest is very keen to taste the new recipes! We’ve learned about food that we didn’t know existed. I’m pleased that I remember things easily, and I’m developing new skills like knife techniques and plating up meals.”

“Because I had been home-based for years I was quite shy, so getting to know the students and tutors here has helped me become more confident. NorthTec is the place to be if you want to learn, and the support is here to help you through change. I want to go on to level 4 then get some work experience and see what happens after that. One day I would love to own a small bar-bistro-café run by me and my family, or maybe do some catering but I now know that I really like to be amongst people.”

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