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Meg Stevens - Beauty

Meg Stevens - Beauty

“I spent two years working in something I really didn’t like, before deciding it was a priority to go for what I had a passion for.” Meg had always loved tinkering with beauty and make-up when she was at school but didn’t want to jump straight into it from year 12, so decided instead to work in administration. “After two years I realised I didn’t want to be stuck behind a desk doing admin, so I explored study options in beauty that were close to home.”

“This hands-on course is perfect for me with the bonus of lot of new friends who share my interest in beauty. I especially like the challenge of being stretched out of my comfort zone. The support from the tutor and the other students make this possible because they feel like family.”

“We have a salon practice here as part of the course and that has given me more confidence with being hands-on with people. One thing I struggled with initially was waxing because I didn’t like the idea of hurting people, but once I realized that they considered it was helping them, I gradually became OK with it.”

Meg is already working part-time in a salon in town plus she works part time as a model in Auckland so has to balance study with her work. “It’s so worth it because our beauty therapy training is valid anywhere in the world. When I finish the course I’ll get more days at my current salon job and will be able to do more training there. In this industry I love that we can continue to learn as we go, and I’m looking forward to getting more experience and seeing what unfolds.”

“I encourage anyone to go with your gut in deciding what to do with your life. For me, doing something I really didn’t like for two years was what gave me the motivation to go for what I love.”

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