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Photo of Maree Adams

Maree Adams - Rāranga

“As soon as I saw this course, I was in. I’ve had a fascination with weaving since I was a child but there was no-one in my whanau to teach me, and my life unfolded on a different course.”

“I studied and worked in fashion design for a while and then had family responsibilities for my children and my Grandma before I got sick myself. During my recovery time I was looking for something that could look after me and my life and I came across this course. It’s perfect, and now I weave every day. With this course, I returned me to working with my hands. It showed me the meaning of patterns I’d always been attracted to, and it re-connected me to my heritage. While I was waiting for the first semester to begin, I did the Te Reo course here so I got to know the tutors and the place.”

“Everything about this course is a stand-out. The tutors are special people with an in-depth knowledge and they challenge me every day, pushing my boundaries in a good way. They, and the other wonderful people I’ve met here, have given me a confidence I’ve never had. I had lived a confined life and hadn’t travelled because of my role looking after Grandma. ”

“A big surprise for me is how much rāranga has reconnected me to my people and my whakapapa, and I’d love to pass the skills on. When you’re in love with doing something you want to light that spark for someone else. I don’t want to waste any more time. I’ve now developed a deep relationship with the environment and my materials.”

“My next step is to do Post-graduate study. My overarching dream is to continue my practice every day, whether that’s financially self-supporting or not. I’d strongly encourage anyone thinking of doing this degree to jump in. It’s a chance to learn about yourself and our culture from some amazing tutors in a really safe environment.”