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Photo of Luke Claris

Luke Claris - Health and Safety

“The health and safety culture in New Zealand is changing but we still have a lot of work to do around it. We need to realise we’re all responsible for ourselves as well as everyone around us. I signed up for NorthTec’s NZ Certificate in Workplace Health and Safety Practice (Level 4) because I’m employed in a high risk hot-dip galvanizing plant so we have a strong motivation to be informed, and we recognise that we need to lift our game.”

“This programme is geared to a supervisor level and above, and we all come in from different industries for a day a week so it’s great getting feedback from each other. By exchanging ideas outside our own industry it helps us see with fresh eyes and learn different ways of applying what we’re learning.”

“At the moment we’re learning health and safety law and how to use it as a framework to build our processes on. The challenge is coming to grips with all the legal implications and how best to inform others, change some misconceptions, and improve our health and safety culture. We get ideas from the course as to how to go about this but it’s up to us how we choose to apply what’s required.”

“Longer term, as I learn more about health and safety and take more responsibility for it at work, I may move off the tools and focus more on that aspect of our industry. It’s a legal requirement now to have health and safety practicalities and procedures in place so we all need to be part of that change.”