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Photo of Katiya Clyde - Travel and Tourism Student

Katiya Clyde - Travel and Tourism

“I knew I wanted to work in the travel industry and so I was exploring the options when our class at Kaitaia College went on a tertiary education trip to the International Travel College in Auckland. They said they have a link to NorthTec so I applied, and made the move from home to Whangarei.”

“It was a big step for me from a small town but our class is small and the whole campus is family-orientated and so I fit right in here. The tutors are also totally dedicated and will go out of their way to make sure we get any help we need.”

“I had no expectations, so the whole course content is a surprise to me, especially learning how many sectors there are in the travel industry. My interest is in hotel management but I’m realising how many other options there are to explore so I don’t want to narrow things down too soon.”

“I’ve also been surprised at how confident I’m becoming. We have to do presentations to the class and I’m really pleased with the lift in my own standard – both of in my content and my personal presentation. The support from the other students is a big part of it because they are all really friendly and positive, and our tutor is amazing.”

“The tutor also assures us that we’ll get a job when we finish the course and we already have a placing for work experience. Mine is in a top hotel in Auckland where I’ll be helping with events and conferences, and it may lead to getting a job there.”

“Getting this qualification opens the door to me travelling and working anywhere in the world, and I’m keen to get a much experience as possible. I want to travel all around New Zealand first so I can learn about our country and can share it with customers or clients.”

“After I’ve got some experience, I’m keen to get more qualifications including a Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management. My family is so supportive of my learning journey on every level. I know that wherever I work and live, I will return to our nature and gorgeous beaches to fill my cup. I’ll always carry that with me.”

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