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Jonathan Hemsworth - Arts

Jonathan Hemsworth - Arts

“I had done art most of my life but because I was told it’s hard to make money out of it, I explored graphics and maths at school. Then in year 13, I got a chance to participate in the Arts Trades Academy through school and NorthTec where I would come on campus every Friday and that lit my fire. I also got the top creative arts prize at school that year.”

“This programme has a lot of variety and options to explore and mix and match, and I really like that we do both practical and theory because not many art courses include practical any more. The content is engaging so you want to apply yourself but there’s a lot of it so I’m learning to be better organised. Last year I was fairly flexible in how I studied, but this year I’ve made a calendar schedule and improved my time management.”

“I’ve been surprised at how many applied arts career options there are and how many people have a creative career. My horizons are wider now and I realise that mostly everything in life has a creative component. It’s also cool bouncing ideas off the other students and getting their feedback.”

“I’m already thinking about what my career path might be and at the moment I’m looking at photography and design. I helped with some photoshoots for events and have created some business cards. My cousin got honours doing this course recently and he has now got a good job in Auckland, so I’m open to moving outside Northland to check out work options. Our family moved here from South Africa in my primary school years so I realise that it’s possible and necessary sometimes to completely shift your life to make it work.”

“My dream at the moment is to become a photographer – maybe combined with something else - to have a studio and nice house on some land. If anyone out there is struggling with what to do in the arts, this is a great programme to open up your options.”