Student Profile

Hohepa Pickering

Hohepa Pickering - Commercial Transport

“This programme makes you work ready. It teaches us what’s inside commercial trucks and all the technology we need to learn. It also gives us a lot of hands-on experience from drivers who have been in the industry for a long time so we can prepare ourselves for what a career in driving will look like.

“NorthTec has a lot of experience in the industry and some really good partnerships with companies. Our tutors have been through years and years of driving which is good for us to learn from.

“It’s a good thing to come to NorthTec because we have a lot more opportunities given to us. Studying Commercial Transport is great because it’s a skill that that will always be in high demand. I wanted to study this as I believe is will help my family to live comfortably and stable.

“I like the support we get from the tutors and the other students in our class. That’s the good thing about studying at NorthTec – we are all very different from each other in age groups and nationalities, but we all learn from each other.”

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