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Dylan Wrathall-Epiha - Automotive

Dylan Wrathall-Epiha - Automotive

“I’ve been around cars all my life, and I wanted to fix them so I started my studies at the Kaikohe campus last year and have now moved to Whangarei to complete the Level 3 Certificate in Automotive Engineering.

“We learn basic things to more professional things, from a full service to changing tyres and all that sort of stuff.

“After this programme, I will gain an apprenticeship and go on to become a mechanic.

“The best part about studying here is being involved with the International Rally when it comes to Whangarei. Working on the rally cars alongside international teams is pretty awesome, it’s not an everyday thing! I think it will help me in my future career, for sure.

“My advice to students would be just to give anything a go, whatever opportunity comes your way.”

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