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Duncan Broomfield - Commercial Transport

Duncan Broomfield - Commercial Transport

“I’m now in my 40's and was ready for a change from the physicality of water-blasting in Auckland for 12 years. Truck driving seemed like a good option because there’s a high demand for it and my Dad, my Mum and my brother were all drivers, so it’s in my blood and I know that world. 

“I had driven smaller trucks but I really enjoy learning to drive the bigger trucks, and because it’s a part-time course, we can practice in our downtime. We study the theory of the highway codes and as a mature student, it’s a long time since I studied but I’m enjoying learning and my memory is better than I thought it would be.”

“It’s interesting being with the students because we all come from different backgrounds but have the same goal, and the tutors are strict but fair. There’s a lot more to the training than I expected because, as well as the driving licences, we can get tickets in wheel tracks and rollers, forklift driving, load restraints, the Highway Code and dangerous goods transport. The dangerous goods study is a bit of a challenge because there’s lot of info on what can be transported together and why, but it’s good for me.”

“I’ve now got my Class 2 and want to go on up to Class 5. Ultimately I’d like to be an owner/operator but the world of truck driving is still new to me so I will see what unfolds. In the meantime, I know it’s an industry with job security and several options.”

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